Site Launch

Good morning punters, a strong tip from me today is to check out a website I’ve started called I have been tipping since 2012 so this dream and ambition of mine has been 8 years in coming to fruition. As some of you will know, I’m pretty much housebound suffering from chronic illnesses so this will make my life much easier allowing me to provide more tips and detailed write-ups on my selections each day as I have a great team of “techy” guys behind me who can supply statistical analysis tools to speed up and improve my tip selection process. They’ve already helped me immensely by freeing up time allowing me to tip in every race at the Cheltenham Festival this year. I’ll be recommending two selections in each race during Cheltenham, so if you want to see them first, please sign up on there to receive them by email and they’ll go out to you at 10am sharp each morning.

Over time, I’ll be writing and providing articles and tutorials on how I research and choose my selections as I know lots of you love that I share much more in regard to this than other tipsters in the industry. The paint is still wet on the website, and it’s very much a work in progress, but please head on over and give me, what I hope, will be your positive feedback. Please also let me know if there is any betting or Horse Racing related topics you’d particularly like me to write about on there? For example, I already intend to cover bankroll management, betting strategy, what “value” is, trends analysis, and sectional times.

My overall aim is to provide you with the tips, knowledge, strategies, tools, and resources to help improve the way select your own horses to bet on while hopefully causing you to rethink your whole approach to betting, changing your mindset to look at it more as an investment rather than gambling, thereby hopefully transforming you and moving you in to the ranks of the small percentage of profitable bettors out there.

Other than me posting my tips on rather than direct to Twitter it’s business as usual as I’ll still share each tip to Twitter as they “go live” on the site, I’ll still be available to answer your questions and provide advice, to celebrate with you when we hit a big-priced winner, you’ll still make a long-term profit, and most importantly to me my tips will always remain FREE.

Jibber Jabber